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“Dignitary” is Honoured as #1 for LPI and Pro$ Among Jersey Sires
August 11, 2015

With the introduction of Pro$ as the new profit-based selection index in Jerseys, Sunset Canyon Dignitary ET (Renegade x Impuls) manages to grab top spot for both LPI and Pro$ (#5 Fat, #4 Protein). Five other bulls are in common between the lists of Top 10 for LPI and Pro$ this round.
Richies Jace TBone A364 (Jace x Lemvig) remains solid at #2 LPI (#6 Fat), followed by BW Renegade-ET (Maximum x Centurion) at #3 LPI (#3 Fat), and they debut on the Pro$ list in #10 and #6 positions, respectively, while Q Impuls ranks #4 for both LPI and Pro$ (#1 Protein). Tollenaars Impuls Legal 233-ET (“Legal”) ranks #8 LPI but excels for Pro$, taking #3 spot. The last bull in common among the Top 10 for LPI and Pro$ is All Lynns Legal Visionary ET at #7 Pro$ and #10 LPI, who is a Legal son out of D&E Paramount Violet, making him a maternal brother to Valentino (#5
Pro$), Vaughn (#26 Pro$, #4 Milk, #3 Protein) and another newcomer this round, All Lynns Restore Vibrant (#1 Milk). The highest newly proven LPI sire this round is Hawarden Impuls Premier (Impuls x Jace) at #5 LPI (#17 Pro$) while the second highest young sire is Heartland Merchant Topeka ET (Merchant x Nathan) at #7 LPI (#21 Pro$). Two previous Top 10 LPI bulls complete the same list this round as Sunset Canyon Monopoly ET takes #6 LPI (#16 Pro$, #2 Fat) and Comestar JDF Beautifull ET occupies #9 LPI (#24 Pro$). Among the newly proven sires this round that excel for Pro$, it is Sunset Canyon David ET that shines with his debut at #2 Pro$ (#15 LPI), immediately behind his maternal brother, Dignitary, but ahead of his sire, Valentino, at #5 Pro$ (#5 Milk). Other newcomers doing well for Pro$ include Visionary in #7 spot and Rock Ella Impression (Impressive Indiana ET x Connection) at #9 Pro$. The Top 10 Pro$ list is completed by Bellwood Celebrity Spirit ET (Celebrity x Iatola) in #8 position (#22 LPI). For Jersey cows, the top two positions for GLPI and Pro$ are occupied, in reverse order, by the duo of Guimo Dynamic Joyce ET (#1 GLPI, #2 Pro$) and Bona Dimension Rickiki ET (#1 Pro$,
#2 GLPI). A maternal sister to Joyce, Guimo Dynamic Joelle, takes #3 Pro$ and #6 GLPI. Two other cows in common among the Top 10 for LPI and Pro$ are Stornaway Valentino Pasta (#3 GLPI, #4 Pro$) and Sprucevale-SL Legal Vista ET (#5 GLPI, #8 Pro$). Among the newly indexed cows this round, Scottiere Kourtney Dignitary achieves outstanding success by being the highest for both GLPI and Pro$ with her debut in #4 and #6 positions, respectively. The list of Top 10 GLPI cows is completed by Fermar Dimension Abeille-ET (#7), Lencrest Legacy Coco (#8), Scottiere Kyra Blackstone (#9) and the second highest newly indexed cow for GLPI this round, Gillard Dynamic Deesse ET, arrives at #10 GLPI. On the Pro$ leader board, Unique HP Bobbi Jo ET occupies #5 spot (#15 GLPI) with Phylum Legal Sophia (#7 Pro$, tied #12 GLPI) not far behind, while Bona Legacy Ricky ET (#9 Pro$, dam of Rickiki at #1 Pro$) and Unique HP Fast Billie ET (#10 Pro$) complete the Top 10 Pro$ list this round. The second highest Pro$ cow among those newly indexed this round is Despresverts Dignitary Jazz ET, who just misses the Top 10 list for both indexes at #11 Pro$ and tied #12 GLPI. A similar outcome arises for the third highest newly indexed cow ranked by Pro$, Guimo Legal Jany ET (maternal sister to Joyce and Joelle), who debuts at #12 Pro$ and #14 GLPI.



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