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David Kendall joins Taurus Service Inc
March 22, 2013

David J. Kendall, Beloit WI has accepted employment at Taurus Service Inc.,  Mehoopany PA in a newly created position as Director of Genetic  Development.  David’s employment will commence on April 1, 2013 as his  replacement as Executive Secretary of the American Milking Shorthorn Society  trained.  He has also been employed as the Genomic Research/Resolution  staff member for the Brown Swiss Cattle Breeders Association.  Both Milking  Shorthorn and Brown Swiss offices are located together in Beloit WI where David  will maintain his office for Taurus.

Mr. Kendall was born and raised in  Chino, California.  David’s father, Dick, was an AI technician in Southern  California.  David is a graduate of Chino High School and University of  California, Davis with a degree in Agricultural Economics with studies in  genetics.  He has also done genetic and genomic research in recent years  with his over a dozen years employment with Milking Shorthorn and Brown Swiss  Associations.  Prior to joining the breed associations, David was a dairy  herdsman in Iowa and before that farmed together with his brother after  graduation from university.

Dick Witter, President and CEO of Taurus  Service Inc., states he has known and respected David for many years.  He  has been fortunate to have served with David on the Council on Dairy Cattle  Breeding (CDCB) when David served as chairman of the council.  Dick and  David have shared many thoughts and ideas about genomics, genetics, and breeding  dairy cattle.  Taurus is very pleased to have David Kendall be part of the  Taurus Family.

David has expressed that he is excited and happy to have  the opportunity to work with Taurus and assist in developing a brand of  “Profitable Genetics”™ to be named “New Age Sires” that will offer alternative  genetics by Taurus Service Inc.  Taurus has an all dairy breed sire line-up  that consists of Holstein, Red & White, Jersey, Ayrshire, Brown Swiss,  Guernsey, Milking Shorthorn, Lineback, Belted sires, and cross breeds in  addition to importing semen from Europe, New Zealand, and Australia to offer  “Profitable Genetics”™ to North American dairymen.

The “New Age Sire”  program at Taurus will identify and include sires for grazing, cross-breeding,  and alternative genetics in each dairy breed including Aussie Red, a new breed  for North America from Genetics Australia that Taurus will be marketing.   Taurus also offers imported Fleckvieh, Montebeliarde, Jersey, and Friesian  semen.

The Taurus breeding philosophy for over 40 years has been based on  true breeding cow families.  Dick Witter says this will not change,  especially for the Holstein breed.  Witter states that he and Kendall are  developing a system to better evaluate young sires with genomic knowledge  considering SNP effects, haplotypes, and chromosome markers.  Taurus is  looking to offer better genetics for production, health, management and type  traits by looking at bulls from cow families that have multiple female members  with genomics to identify SNP effect distribution.  Kendall feels  complementary mating on a chromosome level may allow a next generation (new age)  animal that will surprise dairymen.

The “New Age Sire” program at Taurus  will afford dairymen around the world alternative genetics from North  America.  Taurus is now in its 42nd year of providing “Profitable  Genetics”™.  Taurus is headquartered in Mehoopany PA.  They are the  largest independently owned North American AI company and the only bull stud in  Pennsylvania.  For more information about Taurus Service Inc. or to see the  current Taurus Sire line-up, please view or contact Taurus at or call 570-833-5123.


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