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Daughter Follows Dam Among Top LPI Cows in Milking Shorthorn
August 11, 2015

The spotlight shines on Lady Grove BJ Cherry as the highest newly index cow this round landing at #3 LPI, ahead of her maternal sister, Lady Grove Aramis Cherie at #9 LPI, and immediately behind their dam, Lands-Brook Chardonnay ET EXP, who stays solid at #2 LPI.

Lands Brook Chardonnay

Lands Brook Chardonnay

Kulp-Gen Jurist Angel EXP-ET also maintains her title as #1 LPI cow with the Top 5 LPI list being completed by Lady Grove Mocha Angeline ET at #4 LPI and Koopycrest Mocha Ali Apple ET in #5 LPI spot. On the sire side, the group among the Top 5 LPI remain unchanged even with the revised LPI formula, including B Jurist (#1 Protein, tied #1 Fat, #2 Milk), GMC Rebel Logic ET (#1 Conformation), Kulp-Gen Jurist Ace ET (tied #1 Fat), Clarefield Mocha (#2 Conformation) and Kulp-Gen OK Acdmy Adam-P ET (tied #3 Conformation), respectively. Newcomer last round, Mapleton Vly J Zumba improves his production
and type proofs and gains 175 LPI points to climb the list from #15 to land at #6 LPI (tied #3 Conformation).


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