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Dairy Good Cookbook Now Available
June 3, 2015

The Dairy Good Cookbook is a celebration of dairy farm families and should be a great source of pride to all of America’s dairy farmers – and our job is to share with as many people as possible, telling everyone about who dairy farmers are and what they stand for.More than a collection of recipes, the new The Dairy Good Cookbook offers consumers a look at life on a dairy farm and celebrates classic comfort foods.

Since 1937, we have celebrated June as Dairy Month. This June, we have another reason to celebrate: the launch of our storybook to celebrate the American Dairy Farm Family: The Dairy Good Cookbook.

Part of our Consumer Confidence efforts, The Dairy Good Cookbook, pulls in consumers by telling family farmer stories in a variety of compelling ways.

More than just a cookbook, it’s a combination of fascinating stories of longevity and ensuring your livelihood for generations to come, delicious recipes straight from your peers across the country, mouth-watering photography and facts about today’s dairy farming way of life and the cows who are your livelihood.

With a foreword written by celebrity chef (“The Chew”) and GENYOUth Foundation board member Carla Hall, the book is full of emotional, shareable content that brings consumers closer to dairy farmers. It’s the latest content in our ongoing series designed to stimulate conversations and change attitudes over the long term by building on consumers’ love for cooking as a way to share our broader farmer stories.

You and I might not have to think too much about where our food comes from, but more and more millennials do, and a cookbook is a great way to connect them to you, the people who produce their foods in a way that is good to the land, the water, and the animals.

Your dairy checkoff is working in coordination with our cookbook publishers, Andrews McMeel, to lead publicity about the cookbook with traditional and online media.

Further, our partners throughout the industry are ordering thousands of the books to personalize and use as corporate gifts and as part of their own consumer confidence initiatives.

Many farmers have already shared how they will promote the cookbook.  Some of these ideas include selling the book at farm and fund-raising events and through other local venues like farmer’s markets.

We would love to learn how you might promote the Dairy Good Cookbook.  Share your ideas with us!

The book will be available for purchase on June 2 at retailers across the county.


Source – Dairy Management INC


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