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Dairy Business Association & Wisconsin Farm Bureau Applaud Members of the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation
June 26, 2013

GREEN BAY, WI – Jerry Meissner, President of the Dairy Business Association (DBA), and James Holte, President of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation (WFBF), recently commented on behalf of DBA and the WFBF regarding the bi-partisan passage of the Goodlatte-Scott amendment to the U.S. farm bill.

President Meissner said, “DBA applauds the House of Representatives for adopting, on a vote of 291-135, to modernize the dairy safety net program without interfering with milk production or the dairy market by providing a dairy margin insurance program without supply management. Even though the final vote on the passage of the farm bill failed, the overwhelming support of the Goodlatte/Scott amendment will send a strong message in the future that farmers do not want the government controlling their milk production.”

President James Holte said, “WFBF greatly appreciates and thanks the following members of the Wisconsin Congressional Delegation including Wisconsin House Representatives Duffy, Kind, Moore, Petri, Ribble, Ryan and Sensenbrenner for their support and vote for the Goodlatte-Scott amendment. The dedication of the Wisconsin delegation on this important issue was unwavering. The work that they did to secure this amendment demonstrates their commitment to dairy farms of all sizes in Wisconsin.”

Meissner and Holte agreed that although the House failed to adopt the farm bill, the adoption of this amendment to the farm bill demonstrates the momentum is strongly against supply management for the dairy industry. They indicated their associations will continue to fight to ensure passage of the farm bill by the entire Congress without inclusion of a supply management provision.



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