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Crossbrook Farm Website Has Been Updated
February 29, 2016

Jan 26, 2017-The Crossbrook Farm Website has been updated with information about the Jersey Jubilee sale, as well as the news that Underground Mammy Montana was named ABA All-American!

Crossbrook Farm Website Has Been UpdatedFor more information visit the Crossbrook Farm website, designed by Cowsmo!

Dec 31, 2016-The Crossbrook –Farm Website has been updated with some new photos and news of their upcoming sale, the Crossbrook Jersey Jubilee on April 7th at the New York Spring Show.Previous updates

Oct 2, 2016-The Crossbrook– Farm Website has been updated with their ad from the Ringside edition of Cowsmo, along with results from the All-American Dairy Show in Harrisburg!

Feb 29, 2016-Crossbrook– Farm of Middleburg, NY has launched their newly-designed, mobile-friendly website, designed by Cowsmo! Take a look at all of the exciting families and individuals they are working with, as well as the ones they have sold, that have been successful for new owners!




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