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Cowsmo Will be Ringside this Fall 2016
August 15, 2016

Don’t miss out on your chance to be RINGSIDE at World Dairy Expo! The Holstein Program is sold out, but limited space is still available for the Colored Breed/Red & White section of Cowsmo’s Fall World Dairy Expo issue and the ringside pullout section of the show programs!  Great Value with HUGE exposure! 

A great opportunity to reach over 10,000 readers this fall!

Two sections will be offered

Section A– will be in the centre of the Red & White Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorn and Guernsey programs-LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE…ACT NOW!

Section B – will be in the centre of the Black Holsteins & Jr Holstein programs-SOLD OUT!

Any adverts with Black & White Holsteins as well as other colored breeds or R&W Holsteins will be given the option to advertise in either Section A or B.

Two options for advertising:  Cowsmo only (regular prices) OR Cowsmo/Combo which includes being in the ringside section.  Contract advertisers contact Cowsmo for special pricing.

All adverts are on a first come first serve basis and limited pages will be offered in the ringside section.





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