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Get Your Best Advertising Value With Cowsmo
June 19, 2015

Some things can be stated simply and honestly – In Print or Online -Advertising with Cowsmo pays!Effective Advertising
website-screenshotPlain and simple, Cowsmo gets your message to more people, in more locations, more economically than any of our competitors. No smoke and mirrors or inflated statistics, just hard work paired with a high-quality, aggressive advertising medium. Cowsmo easily gives you the most bang for your buck, Euro, Pound, Peso…whatever the case may be.

High-Volume Website Traffic
Cowsmo takes your message to a large global audience. People in the dairy industry have come to realize if they want to know what is happening ALL OVER the world, Cowsmo is the place to come.
• 1,033,824 page views from September 7, 2014-June 7, 2015
• An average of 114,869 views of your advertising per month!
• Views by location:
o 45% Canada
o 30% US
o 15% United Kingdom & Europe
o 10% Other Countries
All that exposure comes with an inexpensive price tag…banner ads on our website cost on average almost 30% less than comparable coverage on other industry websites. See advertising rates HERE.

Blazing the Social Media Frontier
The exposure your advertising receives on the Cowsmo website is only the tip of the iceberg! Our Facebook presence is huge and completely organic.

Cowsmo has a great global following on Facebook. On a weekly basis, we reach on average of 300,000 individuals with numbers this week over 420,000. Your message is seen everywhere!

Weekly Engagement is consistently up to 26,000 people commenting and sharing and over 121,000 liking our posts. Each time that happens…the audience for that post grows exponentially!

There are up to 25,000 shared posts from the Cowsmo Facebook page each week and this week over 702,835 clicks on our posts. That places our Facebook engagement anywhere from 20,000 to 80,000 more than the next closest publication! Cowsmo is rapidly expanding that reach into other forms of social media as well, with well over 4,000 Twitter followers.


• Currently at over 99,796 Facebook Likes, and growing rapidly!
• Facebook Fans by top locations:
o 20% US
o 10% UK and Europe
o 10% Mexico
o 7% Brazil
o 5% Canada

Perseverance Pays Off – Benefits of setting up a Fan page for your business
Our great social media successes haven’t come easily, or without tribulation. June 19, 2008 was a significant day in our social media history. That day we went to look at our “fan page” and discovered that the page had been shut down by Facebook for having a friend page for a business. While we had heard that could happen, we never thought it would happen to us! Facebook allowed us to re-launch as a proper Fan Page and turn our “friends” into “fans.”

It didn’t take us long to realize the advantages of having a Fan Page over a Friend Page for our business. With the new page, we were able to have more fans, view insights and data, and learn useful information about what our followers wanted to see on our page! We also were able to compare our page’s performance and usage to similar pages.

Since that time, we have learned a lot about using Facebook and have dealt with the myriad of changes over the years. Cowsmo has a great team that diligently works to keep on top of the administrative details, and connecting with and engaging our fan base. Our Facebook growth has skyrocketed in the past two years. We had, at one point, hoped to reach 100,000 fans by October 2015, in time for World Dairy Expo. However that goal will soon be realized as we have experienced our fastest growth yet in the past two weeks.

Rest assured, we will not rest on our laurels when the 100,000th fan clicks “Like.” Instead, our great team will continue to work on the fan page and keep our great fans engaged with and liking Cowsmo on Facebook. We love hearing from our fans, and enjoy seeing and sharing the photos submitted from all around the world. We will continue to press on to reaching over 200,000 fans!

Picture-Perfect Print
banner_2_COWSMOGETMORECustomer feed-back continues to pour in with people talking about how much they love our print magazine! Beautifully designed, full-color graphics and a great glossy feel lend to the popular aesthetics, and are followed up with great photos and engaging, informative content that highlights our global reach.

• Print Subscribers by Location:
o 45% Canada
o 35% US
o 20% International

Our most recent print magazine, our editorial content continues with the global distribution as well.
• Editorial Content by Geographical Focus:
o 35% Canadian
o 30% US
o 15% International

Print Prices – We are not outside your budget
It seems that many people have the misconception that advertising in Cowsmo is expensive. NOT True! A beautiful, full-page, full-color ad in Cowsmo costs about the same as a half page ad in our nearest competitor. (see prices HERE ) With Cowsmo, you have the opportunity to allow your advertising budget to go further, while actually spending less!

Albert Cormier of Cormdale Genetics summed it up best when he said, “All the movers and shakers, the people who are genuinely interested in genetics, receive the Cowsmo magazine.”

People as Passionate About Your Marketing As You Are
Numbers are great and tell a good story, but what makes Cowsmo your best advertising option is the people behind Cowsmopolitan. Dedicated, driven, hard-working, tireless, passionate and registered dairy cow fanatics…those are the adjectives that best describe members of the Cowsmo staff.

Your success is our success, and we value that greatly. Our greatest reward is hearing from customers who have enjoyed marketing success using our wide variety of talents and tools. Our highly talented and creative marketing staff is available at all times to assist you in your marketing needs!

There are many reasons to make Cowsmo your advertising venue of choice, but there are no reasons not to!


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