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Connecting with Consumers: The Breakfast on the Farm Phenomena
June 6, 2015

June is Dairy Month…an entire month focused on the dairy industry, one that producers and others involved with feeding the world can use to help share the message about the truths of production agriculture, especially those involving animal agriculture and dairy cows.Inviting the public to come and spend a morning on a working farm is a great way to  show people what is involved in running a dairy operation, a way that they can see the cows in their normal surroundings, living life the way they live life every day.

For many, even in small rural communities, events like this are the only opportunity to be on a farm and to have face time with the production animals who put the milk on their cereal every morning.

One of these dairy breakfast events, held at the O-Bridge Farm of Jeff and Kathy Schmitz and family in Norwalk, WI was held on Saturday June 6th. An amazing turnout to this 35th annual event will expose literally thousands of consumers to what goes into the production of their food.

If you have an activity like this, or another that you’ve been involved in or attended, to share the story of the dairy industry, please send photos and details to, we’d love to share your story of sharing our story.


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