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Classification news for Kingsway Farm
August 12, 2017

The classifier recently visited Kingsway Farm with exciting results. Visit their Facebook HERE to view more photos from classification as well!

Classification results for EX cows

Kingsway Jasmine_817– Knonaudale Jasmine EX-95 4E (pictured)
– Kingsway Sanchez Armadillo EX-94 2E (Nom All Am 5yr, daughter of Abrakazoo EX-91)
– Kingsway Windhammer Alga EX-93 (1st Milking Yearling Autumn Opp, daughter of Allie EX-95)
– Knonaudale Muddy EX-93 (Daughter of Jasmine EX-95, owned by Knonaudale)
– Upper Canada Atwood Delight EX-93 (2nd 4yr Ont Summer show, great grand
daughter of Skychief Delight EX-95)
– Kingsway Dempsey Ruth Anne EX-92 (3rd 5yr Ont Summer show)
– Kingsway Lauthority Delilah EX-92 2E (Daughter of Deli EX-94)
– Kingsway Shadow Violet EX-91
-Kingsway Sanchez Academy EX91 2E
-Kingsway Atwood Assure EX91 2E
– Kingsway Sid Arena EX-90 (Daughter of Abba Dabba EX-94)
– Kingsway Fever Simmer EX-90
– Grillsdale Sexy Sid EX-90 (Nom All Ont Jr 3yr, owned with Matt Forestell,
– Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas EX-90 (Daughter of Drumstick EX-95, owned with Trent Valley, Mell)
– Kingsway Brazen Marguerite EX-90
– Serenity Hill Niagra Roz EX-90 2E (Grand-dam of Unstopabull-Red)
– Kingsway Sid Karen EX-90 2E

2nd lactation classification highlights

– Kingsway Airlift Gosling VG-89 (All Cdn Int Yearling, 5th Sr 2yr WDE)
– Kingsway Windbrook Jazz VG-89 (1st 4yr Ont Summer show, daughter of Jasmine EX-95)
– Kingsway Goldwyn Elsie VG-88 (Nom All Am Milking Yearling, daughter of Lizabeth EX-96, owned with Millen)
– Kingsway Doorman Ace VG-88 (Nom All Cdn Sr Calf, owned with JPB)
– Kingsway Uno Electra VG-87 (Daughter of Lizabeth EX-96)
– Kingsway Windbrook Eleanor VG-87 (Daughter of Lizabeth EX-96)
– Kingsway Aftershock Dingaling VG-87
– Kingsway Goldwyn Auzzie VG-87 (Daughter of Abracadabra EX)
– Kingsway Windbrook Zola VG-87 (Daughter of Abrakazoo EX-91)
– Kingsway Windbrook Coffee VG-86
– Kingsway Uno Greta VG-86

Classification news for Kingsway Farm Classification news for Kingsway Farm Classification news for Kingsway Farm Classification news for Kingsway Farm Classification news for Kingsway Farm


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