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Cedarwal finishes the day with a great visit from the Classifier!
May 13, 2013

A great visit from the classifier this morning at Cedarwal Farms with 7 VG 2-Yr Olds and 16 new VG cows!

Highlights Include:

From the Belfast M Goldwyn Shelly (EX-92-14) Family:
Cedarwal Snow Swirl – VG-87-2YR

Cedarwal Snow Swirl

Three Quarter Rear Udder of Snow Swirl

Rockymountain Freddie Sydne – VG-85-2YR
Arcadia D Planet Shadow – VG-87-3YR

From the Lila Z (EX-94-18*) Family:
Cedarwal Snow Lovely – VG-85-2YR
Coolea Farms Sanchez Lush – VG-87-3YR
Comestar Lilaca Shottle – VG-87-3YR

From the Inquirer Citation (VG-87-8*) Family:
Cedarwal Manoman Cotton Candy – VG-87
Cedarwal Manoman Chardonnay – VG-85

Highest Scores of the Day:
Cedarwal Shottle Sydney – VG-88-3YR
Cedarwal Goldwyn Rainbow – VG-88-4YR

Other Very Good 2 Year Olds:
Cedarwal Fever Cypress – VG-86
Cedarwal Escalade Shay – VG-85
Cedarwal Windbrook Imagine – VG-85
Cedarwal Aftershock Breeze – VG-85

New Very Good Cows:
Cedarwal Reality Rhinestone – VG-86
Cedarwal Bronco Gypsy – VG-86
Cedarwal Outback Carissa – VG-86
Cedarwal Laurin Twizzler – VG-85
Cedarwal Sanchez Iris – VG-85
Cedarwal Freddie Stella – VG-85
Cedarwal Aftershock Chanel – VG-85
Cedarwal Laramee Cherrio – VG-85
Cedarwal Reality Blackrose – VG-85
Cedarwal Sanchez Jellybean – VG-85
Cedarwal Dusk Jada – VG-85
Cedarwal Atwood Tequila – VG-85
Elm-Park Turvey Airy – VG-85
Cedarwal Laurin Bliss – VG-85
Cedarwal Rebecca Rebel – VG-85
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