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Canadian National Holstein Convention 2016
May 2, 2016

Brantford, Ont. – Nearly 500 Holstein enthusiasts joined many local members in Alberta as Holstein Canada’s National Holstein Convention and 133rd Annual General Meeting was held April 19-23, 2016 in Calgary, Edmonton and Banff. The volunteer organizing committee, under the chairmanship of Glenn Hockley, did a fantastic job of ensuring the convention lived up to the “Just Majestic” event they had promised which included a number of new innovations and historic milestones.

Visit the National Convention Website link below to register for tours or to purchase Master Breeder Tickets.

The infamous phrase “The Best in the West” has never rung truer than when it comes to describing the upcoming Holstein Canada Convention Show, to be held in the “newly opened” Calgary Stampede Agrium Western Events Center on Thursday, April 21st. (read more below). Be sure to visit the NEW website for the National Convention too!

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2016 National Holstein Convention Proves to be Just Majestic

Brantford, Ont. – Nearly 500 Holstein enthusiasts joined many local members in Alberta as Holstein Canada’s National Holstein Convention and 133rd Annual General Meeting was held April 19-23, 2016 in Calgary, Edmonton and Banff. The volunteer organizing committee, under the chairmanship of Glenn Hockley, did a fantastic job of ensuring the convention lived up to the “Just Majestic” event they had promised which included a number of new innovations and historic milestones.

Farm Tours, Sale, Show & Festivities

It was a week full of incredible Western hospitality. Convention participants were welcomed by more than 18 different Holstein families who opened their barn doors for farm tour day to showcase their fantastic herds and operations. Along with seeing well managed operations, tour participants were impressed by the blue skies, large fields and discovering the important contribution Hutterite colonies make to the Western industry.

The 2016 National Holstein Sale drew large crowds and averaged $5,433 on 102 lots. Topping the sale was Lot #15, Westcoast Spring Gafney 3701 – a December 2015 heifer calf that sold for $50,000. The 2016 Calgary Stampede National Holstein Show was a great success with 230 head being placed by Judge Gerald Coughlin of Ontario. Winning the inaugural and historic Genomic Championship was Barclay Doorman Cobra owned by Hamming Holsteins Ltd. of Vernon, B.C. At the end of the show, it was the winning 4-Yr-Old, Wendon Dempsey Prude, who captured the attention of Judge Coughlin and was crowned Grand Champion of the show for owners Westcoast Holsteins of British Columbia. Taking Grand Champion honours in the RW portion of the Show was Westliberty Absolute Satin, the second placed 5-Year-Old. Both Premier Breeder and Premier Exhibitor were awarded to Wendon Holsteins of Red Deer, Alta.

Throughout the week, convention participants were treated to a wide variety of Western inspired events, socializing, food and entertainment.

Annual General Meeting

The 133rd Holstein Canada Annual General Meeting (AGM) was well-attended with close to 400 people in attendance in Banff, Alta. The Convention’s official Twitter hashtag #justmajestic was used to share information and updates on social media channels for members not able to make trip to Banff.

The following are highlights from reports given at the 2016 AGM:

  • Outgoing President John Buckley of Lindsay, Ontario reviewed the main activities of a busy and positive year, during which members were top priority. Youth, close links with DFC, technology and international promotion were other main projects during President John’s mandate. John added he felt Canadian Holsteins have never been better and this is due to outstanding producer management skills, great sires, our genetic evaluation system, genomics and Holstein Canada’s core services being so well used by members coast to coast.
  • Chairman of the Board Robert Chabot reviewed the many Board decisions and activities in 2015-2016, which were fed by 11 busy committees. Highlights included support of Pro$, a revamped LPI, hosting the Conference of the Americas and meetings which brought Board and members together.
  • CEO Ann Louise Carson presented the administrative report outlining top business highlights from 2015 which saw registration levels being just shy of record levels, while number of cows classified remained stable. Ann Louise added the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan was being followed very closely. Having just returned from the World Holstein Conference which brought together people from 35 countries, Ann Louise concluded by stating that Canadian members need to appreciate, defend and even be humbled by the benefits of Supply Management, as Canada was the envy of all countries. To this end, Ann Louise was proud to discuss the reasons Holstein Canada was glad to work with DFC on the animal care pillar of proAction – one more tangible example of Partner Collaboration. She thanked Industry and members for their support during the recent transition to new Herdbook software.
  • Finance Committee Chair Orville Schmidt reported Holstein Canada reported a net excess of revenues over expenses of $97,013 on operating revenue of $11.6 million, with the Reserve fund also remaining strong.
  • Nine resolutions were presented to the membership for consideration with eight being passed. They touch the areas of Awards, Shows, Genetic traits and Youth.
  • One of the many additions to this year’s Convention was a preview of the Classification updates, by Committee Chair Gerald Schipper which will come into effect in June. These changes impact crampiness, feet & legs, rump, chest width and maximum final score for 1st lactation animals. See the May-June issue of the InfoHolstein for full details.
  • Breed Advisory Committee member Gilles CĂŽtĂ© gave an update on Year two of the Canadian Breed Strategy Vision 2020, which touches all areas of the industry.
  • In another “first”, DFC President Wally Smith addressed the crowd. He thanked Holstein Canada for the close collaboration, especially in proAction, due to the clear synergy between our two national associations. Wally took the opportunity to remind Holstein members of the strength and importance of solidarity among provinces for the future of Supply Management.


Those in attendance celebrated the Century of Holstein award presentations made to three families recognized for 100 years of continuous membership with Holstein Canada: the Webb family, Roseneath, Ont.; the Smith Family, Port Perry, Ont.; and the Brown family, Fenwick, Ont. Two distinguished certificates were also presented at this year’s meeting. Norm and Marj Atkins of Leduc, Alta. were presented with a Certificate of Superior Accomplishment, while Bruce Witmer of Cambridge, Ont. received a Certificate of Recognition. Association Education awards were also recognized by the participants.

Guest Speaker Sid Marty was very well-received by those in attendance. Marty’s presentation on “National Parks” captured the audience as he told stories about the origin of Alberta’s first park, the discovery of hot springs, George Busby and the Grizzly bear “The Boss” and other humourous events that have happened in the park over the years .

2015 Cow of the Year Announced

Earning the 2015 title of Cow of the Year was Val-Bisson Goldwyn Maya. Bred and owned by Ferme Val-Bisson Inc. of St Polycarpe, QC. Owners Elyse Gendron and Jean Bissonnette were on-hand to accept the award.

Robert Chabot Elected New President for 2016-2017

Following the AGM, the Holstein Canada Board of Directors elected Robert Chabot of Saint-Patrice, Que. (BELFAST & GEN-I-BEQ) as the 2016-2017 Holstein Canada President. Robert will be supported by 1st Vice-President, Orville Schmidt of Rollyview, Alta. (SOUTHRISE) with Harry Van der Linden of Antigonish, N.S. (LINDENRIGHT) selected to fill the 2nd Vice-President position.

Master Breeders Celebrated

To conclude a fantastic week in Alberta, a wonderful, energy-filled and Northern Lights-inspired evening was held to celebrate and honour the achievements of the 21 Master Breeders. To celebrate the fact that the 1000th shield was awarded, breed historian Doug Blair gave a much appreciated recap of the road travelled since the first plaque was awarded in 1929.

Congratulations again to the 21 families and individuals who received their Master Breeder shield in 2015! In addition to surpassing 1,000 shields awarded, this year’s historic crop of winners also included the first fourth-time shield recipient (HIGH POINT) and the first syndicate group winner (GEN-I-BEQ).

2017 Convention plans already underway!

Hank Sinatra and the Udder4 serenaded the crowd singing “Moo York” as the 2017 Convention committee made their official invitation for Holstein enthusiasts to “Experience the City Lights” at the 2017 National Holstein Convention, which will be held from April 4-8, 2017 in Markham, Ont. Look forward to seeing more details as the final 2017 Convention schedule is set and website is launched in the fall of 2016!

2015 Annual Report Available to all Members

For those Holstein Canada members interested in receiving a FREE copy of the 2015 Annual Report, please contact Jennifer Kyle at or by calling 1-855-756-8300 ext. 234. Alternatively, the Annual Report can be found online on Holstein Canada’s website by clicking the following link or visiting à News & Events à Annual Report.

To read more about the fantastic time experienced by all at the 2016 National Holstein Convention, look forward to reading more in the July-August issue of InfoHolstein!

Le CongrÚs national Holstein 2016 était « Simplement majestueux »

Brantford (Ont.) – Le CongrĂšs national Holstein et la 133e AssemblĂ©e gĂ©nĂ©rale annuelle de Holstein Canada se sont dĂ©roulĂ©s en Alberta du 19 au 23 avril 2016 Ă  Calgary, Edmonton et Banff oĂč prĂšs de 500 passionnĂ©(e)s Holstein ont rejoint les nombreux membres locaux. Sous la prĂ©sidence de Glenn Hockley, le comitĂ© organisateur composĂ© de bĂ©nĂ©voles a fait un travail fantastique pour que le CongrĂšs soit « Simplement majestueux » comme ils nous l’avaient promis avec des innovations et des jalons historiques au programme.

Visites de fermes, Vente, Jugement et festivités

L’accueil de l’Ouest fut incroyable tout au long de la semaine. Plus de 18 familles Holstein ont ouvert les portes de leurs Ă©tables et ont prĂ©sentĂ© leurs fantastiques troupeaux et exploitations aux participants du CongrĂšs lors de la journĂ©e des visites de fermes. Les participants ont pu voir des exploitations bien gĂ©rĂ©es et ont Ă©tĂ© impressionnĂ©s par le grand ciel bleu et les vastes Ă©tendues cultivĂ©es, et ils ont pu dĂ©couvrir l’importante contribution des colonies huttĂ©riennes Ă  l’industrie de l’Ouest.

La Vente nationale Holstein 2016 a attirĂ© une foule nombreuse et a enregistrĂ© une moyenne de 5 433 $ sur un total de 102 lots. En tĂȘte de la Vente, le lot n°15, Westcoast Spring Gafney 3701 – une gĂ©nisse de dĂ©cembre 2015 qui s’est vendue pour 50 000 $. L’Exposition nationale Holstein 2016 organisĂ©e sur les terrains d’exposition du Calgary Stampede fut une grande rĂ©ussite avec 230 tĂȘtes classĂ©es par le juge Gerald Coughlin de l’Ontario. Pour la toute premiĂšre fois dans l’histoire Holstein, une classe gĂ©nomique y a Ă©tĂ© ajoutĂ©e : Barclay Doorman Cobra, propriĂ©tĂ© de Hamming Holstein Ltd. de Vernon (C.-B.) a remportĂ© le titre de Championne gĂ©nomique. À la fin du jugement, c’est Wendon Dempsey Prude, gagnante de la classe 4 ans et propriĂ©tĂ© de Westcoast Holsteins (C.-B.), qui a retenu l’attention du juge Coughlin et qui a Ă©tĂ© couronnĂ©e Grande Championne de l’exposition. Westliberty Absolute Satin, classĂ©e 2e de la classe 5 ans, a remportĂ© les honneurs de Grande Championne R. et B. Wendon Holsteins de Red Deer (Alb.) a remportĂ© les titres de Meilleur Ă©leveur et Meilleur exposant.

Tout au long de la semaine, une grande variĂ©tĂ© d’Ă©vĂ©nements, d’activitĂ©s, de victuailles et de divertissements inspirĂ©s de l’Ouest ont Ă©tĂ© proposĂ©s aux participants au CongrĂšs.

Assemblée générale annuelle

La 133e AssemblĂ©e gĂ©nĂ©rale annuelle (AGA) de Holstein Canada a enregistrĂ© un bon taux de participation : prĂšs de 400 personnes Ă©taient prĂ©sentes Ă  Banff (Alb.). Sur Twitter, le mot-clic officiel du CongrĂšs #justmajestic a Ă©tĂ© utilisĂ© afin de partager des informations et des mises Ă  jour pour les membres n’ayant pas pu faire le voyage Ă  Banff.

Voici les points saillants des rapports donnĂ©s Ă  l’AGA 2016 :

  • Le prĂ©sident sortant John Buckley de Lindsay (Ont.) a passĂ© en revue les principales activitĂ©s d’une annĂ©e bien achalandĂ©e et positive, au cours de laquelle les membres Ă©taient la prioritĂ©. La jeunesse, les liens Ă©troits avec les PLC, la technologie et la promotion internationale Ă©taient les autres projets principaux du mandat du prĂ©sident John. Ce dernier a ajoutĂ© qu’il pensait que les Holstein canadiennes sont prĂ©sentement Ă  leur meilleur grĂące aux compĂ©tences exceptionnelles en rĂ©gie de troupeau des producteurs, aux superbes taureaux, Ă  notre systĂšme d’évaluation gĂ©nĂ©tique, Ă  la gĂ©nomique et Ă  la bonne utilisation des services de base de Holstein Canada par les membres d’un ocĂ©an Ă  l’autre.
  • Robert Chabot, prĂ©sident de sĂ©ance du conseil, a passĂ© en revue les nombreuses dĂ©cisions et activitĂ©s du conseil d’administration – appuyĂ© par 11 comitĂ©s trĂšs occupĂ©s – pour l’annĂ©e 2015-2016. Parmi les points saillants : le soutien Ă  Pro$, un IPV remaniĂ©, l’accueil de la ConfĂ©rence des AmĂ©riques et des rĂ©unions qui ont rapprochĂ© le conseil et les membres.
  • La chef de la direction Ann Louise Carson a prĂ©sentĂ© le rapport administratif en reprenant les points saillants commerciaux de l’annĂ©e 2015, Ă  savoir : un niveau des inscriptions tout proche des niveaux record et un nombre de vaches classifiĂ©es stable. Ann Louise a ajoutĂ© que le Plan stratĂ©gique 2015-2017 Ă©tait suivi de trĂšs prĂšs. Ayant participĂ© Ă  la ConfĂ©rence mondiale Holstein juste avant le CongrĂšs, confĂ©rence qui a rassemblĂ© des personnes de 35 pays diffĂ©rents, Ann Louise a conclu son allocution en disant que les membres canadiens doivent apprĂ©cier, dĂ©fendre et mĂȘme faire preuve d’humilitĂ© face aux avantages du systĂšme de la gestion de l’offre, car tous les pays envient la situation du Canada. À cette fin, Ann Louise Ă©tait fiĂšre d’énoncer les raisons pour lesquelles Holstein Canada se rĂ©jouit de travailler avec les PLC sur le pilier du bien-ĂȘtre des animaux de proActionÂź – un exemple concret de plus de collaboration entre les partenaires. Elle a remerciĂ© l’industrie et les membres pour leur soutien pendant la rĂ©cente transition vers le nouveau logiciel du livre gĂ©nĂ©alogique.
  • Orville Schmidt, prĂ©sident du ComitĂ© des finances, a indiquĂ© que Holstein Canada rapporte un excĂ©dent net des revenus sur les dĂ©penses de 97 013 $ pour un revenu d’exploitation de 11,6 millions $; la position du Fonds de rĂ©serve reste aussi forte.
  • Neuf (9) rĂ©solutions ont Ă©tĂ© prĂ©sentĂ©es aux membres et huit (8) ont Ă©tĂ© adoptĂ©es : elles se rapportent aux reconnaissances, aux expositions, aux critĂšres gĂ©nĂ©tiques et Ă  la jeunesse.
  • L’un des nombreux ajouts au CongrĂšs de cette annĂ©e Ă©tait une mise Ă  jour sur les changements au programme de la classification qui entreront en vigueur en juin, prĂ©sentĂ©e par le prĂ©sident du ComitĂ© consultatif sur la classification, Gerald Schipper. Ces changements toucheront la raideur, les pieds et membres, la croupe, la largeur du poitrail et le score final maximal pour les animaux de 1re lactation. Pour connaĂźtre tous les dĂ©tails, merci de vous rĂ©fĂ©rer au numĂ©ro de mai-juin de l’InfoHolstein.
  • Gilles CĂŽtĂ©, membre du ComitĂ© consultatif sur la race, a fait le point sur la deuxiĂšme annĂ©e de la Vision 2020 de la StratĂ©gie de la race au Canada qui touche tous les secteurs de l’industrie.
  • Une autre « premiĂšre » au CongrĂšs fut l’allocution du prĂ©sident des PLC, Wally Smith, qui a remerciĂ© Holstein Canada pour son Ă©troite collaboration, en particulier avec proActionÂź, en raison de la synergie claire entre nos deux associations nationales. Wally en a profitĂ© pour rappeler aux membres Holstein la force et l’importance de la solidaritĂ© entre les provinces pour l’avenir de la gestion de l’offre.


Les participants ont cĂ©lĂ©brĂ© les reconnaissances Un siĂšcle de Holstein. Trois familles ont Ă©tĂ© rĂ©compensĂ©es pour 100 ans d’adhĂ©sion continue chez Holstein Canada : la famille Webb de Roseneath (Ont.), la famille Smith de Port Perry (Ont.) et la famille Brown de Fenwick (Ont.). Deux certificats de distinction ont Ă©tĂ© remis cette annĂ©e : Norm et Marj Atkins de Leduc (Alb.) ont reçu le Certificat de mĂ©rite supĂ©rieur, et Bruce Witmer de Cambridge (Ont.) a reçu le Certificat de reconnaissance. Les laurĂ©at(e)s des bourses d’Ă©tudes de l’Association ont Ă©galement Ă©tĂ© mis Ă  l’honneur.

Sid Marty, confĂ©rencier invitĂ©, a Ă©tĂ© trĂšs bien accueilli par les participants. Sa prĂ©sentation sur les « Parcs nationaux » a captivĂ© les participants : Sid Marty a racontĂ© l’origine du premier parc de l’Alberta et a parlĂ© de l’histoire de la dĂ©couverte des sources thermales, de George Busby et du grizzli « The Boss » ainsi que d’autres anecdotes amusantes qui ont eu lieu dans le parc au fil des ans.

Annonce de la Vache de l’annĂ©e 2015

Le titre de Vache de l’annĂ©e 2015 a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©cernĂ© Ă  Val-Bisson Goldwyn Maya, propriĂ©tĂ© de et Ă©levĂ©e par la Ferme Val-Bisson Inc. de Saint-Polycarpe (Qc). Ses propriĂ©taires, Elyse Gendron et Jean Bissonnette, Ă©taient sur place pour recevoir cette reconnaissance.

Robert Chabot Ă©lu nouveau prĂ©sident pour l’annĂ©e 2016-2017

AprĂšs l’AGA, le conseil d’administration de Holstein Canada a Ă©lu Robert Chabot de Saint-Patrice, Qc (BELFAST et GEN-I-BEQ) au poste de prĂ©sident de Holstein Canada 2016-2017. Robert sera Ă©paulĂ© par le 1er vice-prĂ©sident Orville Schmidt de Rollyview, Alb. (SOUTHRISE) et par le 2e vice-prĂ©sident, Harry Van der Linden d’Antigonish, N.-É. (LINDENRIGHT).

Célébration des Maßtres-éleveurs

Pour conclure une semaine fantastique en Alberta, une soirĂ©e magnifique, pleine d’énergie et inspirĂ©e des aurores borĂ©ales Ă©tait organisĂ©e pour cĂ©lĂ©brer et mettre Ă  l’honneur les rĂ©alisations de 21 MaĂźtres-Ă©leveurs. Cette annĂ©e Ă©tait particuliĂšre puisque c’était l’annĂ©e de la 1000e plaque de MaĂźtre-Ă©leveur, et Ă  cette occasion, l’historien de la race Doug Blair a fait une allocution trĂšs apprĂ©ciĂ©e sur le chemin parcouru depuis 1929, annĂ©e oĂč la premiĂšre plaque a Ă©tĂ© dĂ©cernĂ©e.

Nous renouvelons nos fĂ©licitations aux 21 familles et individus qui ont reçu le titre de MaĂźtre-Ă©leveur 2015! Cette annĂ©e Ă©tait historique Ă  plus d’un titre, car en plus de dĂ©passer le seuil des 1000 plaques dĂ©cernĂ©es, on comptait parmi les laurĂ©ats de cette annĂ©e le tout premier rĂ©cipiendaire d’une quatriĂšme plaque (HIGH POINT) et le tout premier partenariat Ă©levĂ© au rang de MaĂźtre-Ă©leveur (GEN-I-BEQ).

L’organisation du CongrĂšs 2017 est dĂ©jĂ  lancĂ©e!

Pendant que le ComitĂ© du CongrĂšs 2017 faisait son invitation officielle au CongrĂšs national Holstein 2017, Hank Sinatra and the Udder4 ont chantĂ© « Moo York. » Les passionnĂ©(e)s Holstein sont invitĂ©s au CongrĂšs 2017 Ă  Markham (Ont.) du 4 au 8 avril 2017 sous le thĂšme « DĂ©couvrez les lumiĂšres de la ville. » Plus de dĂ©tails seront annoncĂ©s une fois que le programme du CongrĂšs 2017 sera arrĂȘtĂ© et que le site Web sera lancĂ© Ă  l’automne 2016!

Le Rapport annuel 2015 est Ă  la disposition des membres

Si vous ĂȘtes membre de Holstein Canada et que vous souhaitez recevoir une copie GRATUITE du Rapport annuel 2015, merci de contacter Jennifer Kyle Ă ou par tĂ©lĂ©phone au 1 855 756-8300, poste 234. Vous pourrez Ă©galement retrouver le Rapport annuel sur le site Web de Holstein Canada en cliquant ici ou en allant sur Ă  Nouvelles-ÉvĂ©nements Ă  Rapport annuel.

Au numĂ©ro de juillet-aoĂ»t de l’InfoHolstein, vous pourrez lire tous les dĂ©tails sur la trĂšs belle expĂ©rience des participants au CongrĂšs national Holstein 2016, ne le manquez pas!

Annual Meeting Highlights

March 18, 2016 – Hotel Room Block Cut-off Date
March 31, 2016 – Registration Deadline



Calgary, Alta. – The infamous phrase “The Best in the West” has never rung truer than when it comes to describing the upcoming Holstein Canada Convention Show, to be held in the “newly opened” Calgary Stampede Agrium Western Events Center on Thursday, April 21st. This activity is slated as a definite highlight of the Holstein Canada National Convention, hosted this year by Alberta Holstein members in conjunction with the Calgary Stampede’s Dairy Classic Show.

“The Convention Committee has worked extremely hard to ensure the National Show is a very successful and memorable event for both the many exhibitors from across Western Canada, and the hundreds of spectators from every Canadian province,” proudly states 2016 Convention Committee Chairman, Glenn Hockley.

This “Grand Event” will innovate at many levels. Judge Gerald Coughlin from Peterborough, Ontario will have tough choices to make while judging Red & White (R&Ws) and Black & White (B&Ws) Holsteins simultaneously, while Andrew VanderMeulen completes his Jersey judging at the same time.

Highlights include:

  • The top two R&W’s in each class will come back for R&W Championships in each of the Junior, Intermediate and Senior categories.
  • Working with Holstein Canada, translation will be provided to allow the significant QuĂ©bec based attendees to hear reasons in their language – and to reflect the true National nature of this activity.
  • Prize money has been increased, starting at $250 and $300 for heifer and milking classes respectively. Winners from the first 10 places will be compensated for a total of nearly $1,200 and $1,500/class for each of these categories.
  • Prize money for the Grand Champion B&W Holstein will be $1,000 courtesy of WestGen, while owners of the Reserve B&W Champion and the R&W Champion will take home $500.
  • Due to the “interbreed” aspect of this event, a Supreme Champion showdown between the B&W, R&W and the Jersey Champion has been organized, with the winner being awarded a trip for two to anywhere the Western Canadian based airline WestJet flies.
  • For the first time at a Western Canada Show, Holstein Canada’s complete “Show Ethics Program” will apply: this includes barn monitoring, topline hair measurement, and udder ultra-sounding for all lactating classes.
  • The greatest innovation is without a doubt Canada’s first ever “genomic class”. The top two animals in the five heifer classes, meeting a minimum of 2600 GLPI, will return for a Genomic Championship Class, where top awards will be based on conformation. The Champion Genomic heifer will receive $1,000 from Holstein Canada, and an IVF collection certificate from Boviteq West valued at $2,000. Reserve and Honourable Mention heifers will receive $500 and $250 respectively.

”Our Western Canadian exhibitors are first and foremost motivated by their pride and passion – showing runs in their veins,” adds Show Committee Chair Debbie Lee. “They are very excited about showcasing our great genetics to their fellow breeders from across Canada. We are glad to reward their efforts with over $30,000 in prize money, recognizing this covers only a part of their costs.”

Spectators will be exposed to more than just great Western dairy genetics – they will experience Western Canadian culture at its best! During the day, participants can become more familiar with Canadian agriculture companies by visiting a Trade Show of more than 20 companies on the concourse level of the show ring. The location will allow spectators the convenience of easy access and give companies a high traffic area.

Once the judges have selected their coveted Supreme Champion of the day, Western entertainment will consist of a demonstration by the Mounted Rifle Shooting Team and trick riders. This will be followed by an Awards Banquet at the end of the show where, during a delicious meal, the prestigious Premier Exhibitor and Breeder banners will be presented and the generosity of sponsors will be recognized. Participants will then move on to Beautiful Banff for the next Convention activities while the four-legged participants start their long journey home.

See you in Calgary on April 21st!

Brantford, Ont – The 2016 National Holstein Convention Show will be the first show in Canada to spotlight how genomics and conformation go hand in hand, by honouring top genomic heifers in the show ring. This will take place at the show in Calgary on April 21st under the watchful eye of Judge Gerald Coughlin, and in front of Holstein breeders from across Canada.
“Western Canadians have always been keen on new technology and new ideas, all while breeding great cows,” states Convention Chairman, Glenn Hockley. “It just seemed right to highlight genomics as we welcome our fellow Canadians to this showcase of great Western animals.”
The two animals from each of the first five heifer classes with the highest GLPIs (minimum GLPI 2600) will be eligible to participate in this Genomic Championship Class. The Genomic Grand Champion will take home a $1,000 cash prize, sponsored by Holstein Canada along with a certificate for a free IVF collection in B.C. at Boviteq West, courtesy of WestGen. The Reserve and Honourable Mention Genomic Champions will leave the ring with a $500 and $250 cheque respectively, thanks to sponsors Benbie Holsteins and RockyMountain Holsteins.
“Holstein Canada applauds the 2016 Convention Committee for its innovative and progressive initiative of including a Genomic Championship Class at the upcoming Convention Show,” adds Holstein Canada CEO, Ann Louise Carson. “This idea has been circulating in our membership recently as Holstein breeders discover the many advantages of genotesting – as both a management and marketing tool.”
The secret to success for interested exhibitors will be respecting some tight deadlines. Genomic samples (tail hair) need to be at the Holstein Canada office by March 14th to ensure genomic results will be analyzed by show time. Please use the form found here:
Exhibitors are encouraged to write “Convention Show” on the form. Please note, Holstein Canada, and its affiliated labs, cannot guarantee results for samples received after March 14th. For more details, please contact Janine at Holstein Canada at 1-855-756-8300, ext. 206 or


Wednesday, April 20, 2016
− Farm Tours – Departing Edmonton
− Farm Tours – Departing Calgary

Agrium Western Events Centre – Calgary Stampede Park
− Western Welcome BBQ – 5:00 PM
− National Holstein Sale – 7:00 PM

Thursday, April 21, 2016 – Agrium Western Events Centre – Calgary Stampede Park
− Pre-Show Breakfast – 7:00 AM
− National Holstein Show – 9:00 AM, Judge Gerald Coughlin, ON (Trade Show – Concourse Level)
− Awards Dinner – 4:00 PM
− Buses Departing to Banff – 5:30 PM
− Alternate Tour – Calgary

Friday, April 22, 2016 – Banff
− Banff Experience – Activity Tours
− MountView Barn Dance

Saturday, April 23, 2016 – Banff
− Breakfast – 7:00 AM
− Annual General Meeting – 9:00 AM
− Master Breeder Gala

Dates to Remember
− November 1, 2015 – Early Registration Opens (Tentatively)
− January 1, 2016 – Registration Opens
− March 18, 2016 – Early Bird Rate Ends
− April 7, 2016 – Registration Deadline

*Schedule times are subject to change
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Judges have been selected and confirmed the Canadian National Holstein Convention in Calgary for 2016
(June 25, 2015)
Our 2016 Dairy Classic judges have been selected. The Judge for the National Holstein Convention 2016 (hosted by Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic) will be – Gerald Coughlin of Trent Valley Holsteins & Jerseys.
The Calgary Stampede Dairy Classic also hosts a Jersey Show which will be held at the same time and the Jersey Judge will be Andrew VanderMeulen of Avonlea Genetics.

Check back often as we have more news and highlights for the upcoming National Holstein Convention in Calgary & Banff, Alberta April 2016!


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