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All-Canadian Holsteins 2014
January 31, 2015

The All-Canadians of the Holstein Breed have been announced for the 2014 Year.Junior Breeders Herd
All-Canadian – Budjon-JK Holsteins
Reserve All-Canadian – Comestar Holsteins
HM All-Canadian – Jacobs Holsteins
Nominees: Cobequid Holsteins, Milibro Holsteins, Petitclerc Holsteins

Junior Heifers
All-Canadian – Claircrest Fever Tiki
Reserve All-Canadian – Lacfraser G W Atwood Silver
HM All-Canadian – Petitclerc Atwood Atlas
Nominees: Lachancia Elaborate Titane, Seavalley Atwood Yantzys Pride, Idee Goldchip Lucky

Intermediate Heifers
All-Canadian – Belfast Doorman Lovestruck
Reserve All-Canadian – MS Duckett Dyment Coral-ET
HM All-Canadian Repa Jenna Doorman
HM All-Canadian – Royalty Goldwyn Allegria
Nominees: Winright Chip of Excellence, Ty-D Gold Chip Excel

Senior Heifers
All-Canadian – Stranshome Gold Annice-ET
Reserve All-Canadian – Lingle Goldchip Feline-ET
HM All-Canadian – MS Ellee Armani Elysia-ET
Nominees: Craggan Shadow Baby, Hi-Maintenance Gold Chip Liv, Robrook Windbrook Beauty

Summer Yearlings
All-Canadian – Solid-Gold De GSun Disco-ET
Reserve All-Canadian – Calbrett McCutchen Lila
HM All-Canadian – Comestar Hodree Goldwyn
Nominees: Wendon Windbrook Mercy, Des Pins Goldwyn Britanny, Comestar Lamadoa Doorman

Junior Yearlings
All-Canadian – Jacobs Goldwyn Aliza
Reserve All-Canadian – Budjon-JK Advn Awakening-ET
HM All-Canadian – Expo Brady Sayoko
Nominees: Idee Windbrook Lyuba, Delcreek Roll The Dice-ET, Cobequid Sid Afflictive

Intermediate Yearlings
All-Canadian – Devans Remark Dempsey
Reserve All-Canadian – Claquato-RH Eve-ET
HM All-Canadian – Routina Zelgadis Paige
Nominees: Cobequid Sid Blackberry, Idee Goldchip Lillian, Jacobs Alexander Eddy

Senior Yearlings
All-Canadian – Comestar Larion Goldwyn-ET
Reserve All-Canadian – Oakfield Goldwyn Lyric-ET
HM All-Canadian – Eastside Brady Caramel
Nominees: Comestar Larianne Goldwyn, Beaverbrock Goldwyn Zoey, Millibro Damion Roselilacer

Breeders Herd
All-Canadian – Jacobs Holsteins
Reserve All-Canadian – Kingsway Holsteins
HM All-Canadian – Blondin Holsteins
HM All-Canadian – Petitclerc Holsteins
HM All-Canadian – Boulet Holsteins
Nominees: Beckholm Holsteins

Milking Yearlings Olds
All-Canadian – Peticlerc Gold Saltalamacchia
Reserve All-Canadian – Bernadale Goldwyn Ability
HM All-Canadian – Val-Bisson Meridian Dorlane
Nominees: Co-Vale Dempsey Dina 4270-ET, Beauvair Rosalie Sid, Pavue Windbrook Lavender

Jr 2-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Bosdale Gold Luster
Reserve All-Canadian – Maplekeys Sid Odyssey
HM All-Canadian – Jacobs Sid Glory
HM All-Canadian – Walk-Era Dundee Annelise
Nominees: Winterbay Windbrook Apple, Stonehurst GW Windy

Sr 2-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Lottos Atwood Lizette-ET
Reserve All-Canadian – Petitclerc Goldwyn Anouk
HM All-Canadian – Jacobs Fever Cael
Nominees: Blondin Goldwyn Costa, Elmcroft Attic Reta, Micheret Amazone Windbrook

Jr 3-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Jacobs Atwood Vedette
Reserve All-Canadian – Honeyfield Sanchez Madison
HM All-Canadian – Go-Sho Alittle Rocknroll-ET
Nominees: Kingsway Tenacious Rochelle, St-Jacob Goldwyn Hazel-ET, Winterbay Fever Legacy

Sr. 3-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Charwill Attic Marcy
Reserve All-Canadian – Brookvilla Goldwyn Brooks
HM All-Canadian – Futurecrest Aftershock Tahlia
Nominees: Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET, Laitxpert Extra Goldwyn, River Dale Mr Sam Ella

4-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Cache-Valley Lheros 2331-ET
Reserve All-Canadian – MS Atwood Madison-ET
HM All-Canadian – Kingsway Sanchez Arangatang
Nominees: Whitaker-KK Goldie Rose-ET, Jacobs Knowledge Harpe, Vedderlea Goldwyn Esther

5-Year Olds
All-Canadian – Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha
Reserve All-Canadian – Jacobs Goldwyn Valana
HM All-Canadian – Drumlee Mischief Denison
Nominees: Cobequid Goldwyn Leno, Jacobs Minister Alma, Nordale Goldwyn Ricky

Mature Cows
All-Canadian –¬†RF Goldwyn Hailey
Reserve All-Canadian ¬†–¬†Loyalyn Goldwyn June
HM All-Canadian  Р Milksource Goldwyn Africa-ET
Nominees: MS Dundee Belinda, Meadow Green Jeany Outside

4-H Junior Yearlings 
All-Canadian – Crovalley Atwood Patricia
Reserve All-Canadian – Heather Holme Sid Debora
HM All-Canadian – Belfast Windbrook Syryus
HM All-Canadian – Jacobs Charlie Drayo
HM All-Canadian – Vanderway Snowin L Red
Nominees: Cobequid GS Sunset

4-H Summer Yearlings
All-Canadian – Calbrett McCutchen Lila
Reserve All-Canadian – Milibro Aftershock Roseluka
HM All-Canadian – Comestar Lamadona Doorman
HM All-Canadian – Smithden Mascalese Amelee
Nominees: JM Valley Lavanguard Solo, Dubeau Brokaw Voodoo Child

4-H Senior Calves
All-Canadian – Kingsway Goldwyn Lipsmack
Reserve All-Canadian – Kingsway Goldwyn Elsie
HM All-Canadian – Craggan Shadow Baby
HM All-Canadian – Roquet Candy Numero Uno
HM All-Canadian – Eastwest LJ Destry McIntosh ET
Nominees: Aleah Millen Naughty by Nature

4H Intermediate Calves
All-Canadian – Belfast Doorman Lovestruck
Reserve All-Canadian – Royatly Goldwyn Allegria
HM All-Canadian – Micheret Lorcy Mascalese
Nominees: Kingsway Airlift Gosling, Ardross MS Lipton, Delcreek Little Minion

4-H Junior Calves
All-Canadian – Farrow S Victorias Secret
Reserve All-Canadian – Seavalley Atwood Yantzys Pride
HM All-Canadian – Glengarry Doorman Aubrey
Nominees: MS Debs Brokaw Dianna-ET, Delcreek Yippee Ki Yay, Ulmar Doorman Elmie


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