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California to Regulate Methane Emissions
September 9, 2016

In an effort to continue on a path of enacting aggressive climate change law, the California legislature approved regulations on methane emissions from landfills and dairy farms. The legislation, authored by Democratic Senator Ricardo Lara, seeks to reduce methane emissions associated with manure to 40% below 2013 levels by 2030.

The legislation earmarks $50 million to go toward reducing methane emissions on dairies, including the regulation of cow flatulence, which is cited as a significant source of methane emissions. The reduction in cow flatulence would be required should experts identify a technology that can reduce such gas.

The bill would also encourage greater composting to reduce organic waste, setting a goal to reduce the flow of food products into landfills by 50% within four years.

Some environmentalists feel that the concessions made to the dairy industry, including delaying implementation until 2024, was too lenient citing the need to control super-pollutants immediately. Republicans have opposed the program and recently rejected the Democratic-led proposal, saying the gas reduction goals will continue to harm families and job creation.

By: Mopperman


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