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Borderview Genetics Breeder Tour update
March 6, 2018

Borderview Genetics has recently updated their website with their exciting consignments to the upcoming OH Convention Sale. Additionally, they also have a special promotion for an embryo package deal.


Borderview Genetics

OH Convention, March 8
-Lot 4: Choice of Doorman x Dundee Hezbollah, EX-92
-Lot 8: Doorman x Craigcrest Rejoices Sidney
-Lot 74: Choice package of 5 #2 embryos from Pierstein Damion Lindsay, EX-94 x Solomon or Goldwyn

The farm is also excited to announce the Borderview Genetics First Edition Sale at the farm in Richford on May 31st. Stay tuned for the catalog and more details of the sale as it approaches!

You can learn more about the exciting animals they are currently working with, a special embryo package and much more by visiting their website


Borderview Genetics is located in Richford, VT, in the northeast part of the U.S. The farm is owned by Tim and Sharyn Abbott. The farm, home to 50 milking and 100 youngstock Holsteins and Brown Swiss, was rented from 2014 – 2016, and purchased in the summer of 2017. Well-known cow families they are working with include: Dundee Hezbollah, Camomille, Blexy, Tri-Day Ashlyn and Dundee Annelise.



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