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Borderview Genetics Breeder Tour update
June 21, 2018

Borderview Genetics, located in Richford, Vermont, is looking for a person to join our team! Borderview is home to many exciting show cows as well as some great pedigreed cows and heifers.

We are also host to one of Trans-Ova Genetics’ IVF satellite centers, partic-ipating in extensive ET and IVF work and contracting with other operations to provide recipi-ents for our herd. At Borderview, we aim to milk around 60 cows and care for 100 heifers at our farm and plan to host an on farm sale each year, selling 100-125 head. We are currently looking for the right person to be part of our overall farm management team. Responsibilities will include but are not limited to cow, calf and heifer care, IVF proto-cols and shots, feeding, breeding, and management of herd promotion. We are a busy facility with animals coming and going often – we have elite cattle and care for them as such – manu-al labor and a good attitude is a must. If you have a passion for great cows, are looking for a job with lots of variety and opportunity then please contact Tim Abbott by email ( or phone (802-238-1142).


Borderview Genetics is located in Richford, VT, in the northeast part of the U.S. The farm is owned by Tim and Sharyn Abbott. The farm, home to 50 milking and 100 youngstock Holsteins and Brown Swiss, was rented from 2014 – 2016, and purchased in the summer of 2017. Well-known cow families they are working with include: Dundee Hezbollah, Camomille, Blexy, Tri-Day Ashlyn and Dundee Annelise. Visit their website HERE to learn more!



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