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Biodynamic Dairy Company Paris Creek To Receive Grant To Extend Shelf Life
February 4, 2016

An Adelaide Hills dairy company will benefit from a government grant to invest in new technology.  Biodynamic dairy company B.-d. Farm Paris creek has received a $900,000 regional development fund grant towards a $6.5 million investment to extend the shelf life of their products.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek managing director Ulli Spranz said the project would extend the current factory to house the new extended shelf life milk processing line, cool room facilities and quality assurance laboratory.

“This new technology will reduce our energy and water usage and at the same time allow us to increase our milk production to more than 11.5 million litres by December 2017,” she said.

“There is a growing demand for premium, organic milk and dairy produce domestically and we are seeing strong interest internationally from Asia and the Middle East.

“Having an extended shelf life for our products will play a key role in securing new export sales and allowing us to expand into overseas and interstate markets.”

Ms Spranz said the benefits would flow through the supply chain from dairyfarmers, packaging suppliers, transport and their existing staff.

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek produces milk, yogurt, quark, butter and handcrafted soft and hard cheeses made from non-homogenized biodynamic milk.

Regional Development Minister Geoff Brock said the project would increase the company’s access to international markets.

“The project will provide the company with the ability to produce a new range of products with extended shelf life for its growing export market without altering its premium quality,” Mr Brock said.

“The company will now be able to reach a balance between maintaining milk quality and a UHT-free shelf life for export markets by using the latest in extended shelf life ultra clean processing technology.”

Mr Brock said this would create 13 ongoing jobs for the company as well as 28 jobs during construction.

Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Minister Leon Bignell said the project would place the company among only a handful of producers in Australia capable of ESL fresh milk production.

“It will be the first in SA and the only one in Australia dedicated for certified biodynamic-organic fresh milk,” Mr Bignell said.



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