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Australia’s Dairy Production Growth Continues
May 24, 2015

Australia’s milk production continued to grow in April, according to the latest statistics from Dairy Australia.

National milk production for April was up 2.9%, as was year-to-date production.

Tasmania continues to lead the way with milk production for April up 10.4% and year-to-date growth at 11%.

Tasmania has grown its share of total Australian milk production to 9.5%, nudging closer to NSW, which has 11.2% of production.

Western Australia is also showing strong growth, up 6.2% for April and 4.9% year to date.

NSW growth moderated in April, up just 0.7% with the previous year but year to date production is still strong, up 4.7%.

Gippsland leads the way in Victoria with April production up 4.8% and year-to-date production up 5.9%.

Northern Victorian production was down 0.3% for April but year-to-date production is still up 2.2% while Western Victoria had good growth in April (up 5.7%) but year-to-date production still lags slightly (down 0.9%).

The three Victorian regions now account equally for roughly one third each of the state’s production with Western Victorian production down 0.9%, seeing it slip slightly behind Gippsland for year-to-date production.

Inland/central New South Wales is also showing good growth with production up 10.4% for April and 1.9% year to date.

South Australian production was up 0.9% for April and is almost equal to last year (down 0.2%).

Queensland continues to see a big drop in production with April down 9.9% on last year and year-to-date production down 5.9%.

By Carlene Dowie, Associate Editor, Australian Dairyfarmer Magazine
Source: Australian Dairyfarmer


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