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Arnolait Metro Chalu Surpasses the 200,000KG Lifetime Production Mark
July 5, 2016

Hats off to ARNOLAIT METRO CHALU EX90-7E, who has produced over 200,000kg of milk in 15 lactations!Arnolait Metro ChaluChalu has done this with ease, on two-time per day milkings, going out to pasture each day and night with the rest of her herdmates in the Arnolait Herd, which consists of about 60 milk cows. Chalu is alive and well, and continues to add to her grand total of milk production.

You can view her Holstein Canada pedigree here.

Congratulations to the Chalu and the Arnolait Herd of Wonton, Quebec on this great accomplishment! Thanks to David Arnold for sending us these photos & information!


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