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Armani Arrives in Style Among the Top Five LPI Ayrshire Sires
August 9, 2016

Duo Star Armani-ET makes an outstanding debut as the highest newly proven bull this round, tied at #5 LPI, and also captures #3 Milk, tied #8 Fat, #6 Protein with +7
Conformation. He is the first son of Kildare Percy-ET (#1 Milk, #2 Fat, #2 Protein) proven in Canada with his dam being the well known Duo Star Amour-ET, meaning that he has one full sister and four maternal sisters currently among the Top 45 GLPI cows.

Although Orraryd and Peterslund stay firm as the breed leading duo at #1 and #2 LPI, respectively, Kellcrest Riesling climbs from #8 to take #3 LPI position. Not far behind is T-Bruno, still at #4 LPI, and Roi Tennison-ET also stays solid landing tied at #5 LPI this round.

The Top 10 LPI list is rounded out with Kamouraska Decaf-ET, Chaluka Virgile-ET, Jelyca Oblique and Hautpre Kansas ranked #7 to #10 in that order. The second highest newly proven sire is Forever Schoon Predator-ET (Reality x Jerry), who takes #17 LPI and #5 for Conformation at +12. Other  newcomers of interest include three sons of Oblique that rank in the Top 35 LPI, namely Labrie Jukebox-ET (#21), Laroc Oreo (#29) and Cock Rond Tsar (#32 LPI).

For cows, the list of Top 10 GLPI welcomes three new arrivals one of which is Kamouraska Peterslund Ruby, who lands tied in #10 position after recently having her DNA sample genotyped.

The two highest newly indexed cows this round are maternal sisters out of Duo Star Amitie, namely Des Coteaux Rockstar Alexandri at #9 GLPI and Des Coteaux Volvo Amarula tied in #10 spot. The breed leaders this round include familiar names as Ruby’s daughter, Kamouraska Orra Xuby, holds on at #1 GLPI, staying ahead of the daughter-dam pair of Margot Chocolate-ET (now at #2 from #5) and Margot Charade who stays at #3 GLPI and has 10 daughters among the Top 400 for GLPI.

Duo Star Armada-ET also stays firm in her #4 spot, now followed by Kamouraska Orrad Youdez (#5), Des Fleurs Orraryd Pardon-ET (#6), Lagace Reality Modique-ET (#7) and Margot Cabotine-ET at #8 GLPI. Also noteworthy is Laroc Armani Maya, who is newly indexed this round and takes over #1 Milk (tied at #50 GLPI).


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