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Arethusa Response Vivid Now EX95
February 7, 2016

Arethusa Farm recently hosted the Jersey classifier, and as a result, Arethusa Response Vivid is now Veronica’s fifth daughter to be scored EX95, which is her maximum lactation score.  Other highlights of the day included:

Arethusa Action LYDIA EX94 (max score)
Arethusa Socrates VELVET EX93
Arethusa Tequila VANNA EX92
Arethusa HG VICTORIA EX91 (max score)
Arethusa Ringmstr CORRINE EX91 (max score)
Knappway Brc BANG A GONG EX91 (max score), owned by Joe Knapp

Two Year Olds
Arethusa HG VALERA VG88
Arethusa HG VALLEY VG88
Arethusa Venerable PREMILLA VG87
Arethusa Premier VERA VG87
Arethusa HG VERITY VG87
Arethusa Impression JOELLE VG86
Karlies Jade KOKO VG86
Arethusa HG CAPRICE VG86
Arethusa Venerable LIN VG86
Arethusa Excitation VIVA VG86, owned by Knapp, Rankin, Senecal


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