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Arethusa Farm Reports Exciting Holstein Classification Results
March 31, 2016

The Holstein classifier recently made a visit to Arethusa Farm in Litchfield, CT, and they have some exciting news to report.

Highlighting the day was Roquet Jasmine Sanchez, who is now scored EX95-97MS.

Other Classification Highlights
Ernest-Anthony Acoustic 2E94
Ernest-Anthony Tempted 2E94
EK-STJ Goldwyn Bella EX93
Arethusa Sanchez Zinnia 2E92
Arethusa Goldwyn Annabell 2E92
Ernest-Anthony Tabloid 2E91
Arethusa Goldwyn Opulent 2E90

New Excellent Three Year Olds
Ernest-Anthony Thrilling EX92 (max score)
Arethusa Goldsun Molly EX90
Arethusa Braxton Lauren EX90
Arethusa Fever Angora EX90

Two Year Old Results
Ernest-Anthony Abby VG88
Arethusa Sid Anetia VG87
Ernest-Anthony Alexa Bliss VG87
Ernest-Anthony MS Tanya VG87
Barbaras Alexa Barbie VG86
Arethusa Attic Trouble VG85
Arethusa Ashock Aimee VG85
Arethusa Alexander Alva VG85
Arethusa Angels Adele VG85


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