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All Roads Lead to Illinois…With a Couple of Stops on the Way and Back: Danielle’s Illinois Convention Week Trip
June 29, 2015

Cowsmo staff member Danielle Nauman made a few extra stops along the way on her travels through Illinois to attend the US National Holstein Convention, including the US National Holstein Sale and tours to Golden Oaks, Lindale/Team Holsteins and Luck-E Holsteins. She also ventured to East Peoria, IL for the AJCA National Heifer Sale and toured River Valley and Kilgus Dairy. Additional stops were made at a barn meeting held at Brian Holste’s; Mil-R-Mor; Clearfield Farms and Holbric Holsteins.
Monday, June 22nd, I departed home with my destination being St. Charles, IL and the National Holstein Convention. I made my way south and east from Western Wisconsin, leaving a state mostly covered in red on the radar map behind me, and headed for the simple downpours in Northern Illinois. I made a couple of stops on my way to St. Charles, including a barn meeting at Holste’s Holsteins to learn about the Redmond Natural mineral program, Mil-R-Mor Holsteins and Clearfield Farms.

My first stop was at Brian Holste’s farm, where a barn meeting was held to share information about the Redmond Natural mineral program. I learned a lot about this unique product which has saved those who have embraced it literally thousands of dollars and provided positive results.

After the barn meeting concluded, I traveled back to the north and west a few to visit Lorilee Schultz and Bob Miller at Mil-R-Mor Holsteins near Orangeville, IL.

The rain finally subsided, and I headed back to the southeast to Jerry Smith’s  of Clearfield Farms, near Davis, IL. Jerry and his granddaughter Lila Sloan showed me around, although most the cows were waiting in line for pedicures from Steve Zastrow.

On the return trip from Illinois, I made a stop at Holbric Holsteins in Harvard, IL on Saturday, June 27th. Following a recent classification, herd totals include 38 Excellents cows, 16 of which are scored 92 points or higher. There are also 94 VG and 36 GP cows in the herd. The Olbrich family also has a small herd of Jerseys, including the breed’s first 16th generation EX cow, Snafu-Holbric T-Bone Diamond EX92.


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