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Accelerated Genetics releases promising new sire graduates
April 17, 2013

A bundle of new sires released made the April Sire Summary as promising as the coming of the new spring season for Accelerated Genetics. The new sires graduating into the proven line up are sure to drive herds to new levels of profitability.

Among the new Holstein PACE graduates, diversity is the term that best describes them. Different pedigrees abound as the bulls are represented by seven different sires and eight unique maternal grandsires. They also display a combination of production, type and longevity along with elite ratings for TPI and Net Merit.

Two Boliver sons headline this graduating class. 014HO06170 LEHMAN, enters the active lineup as a sire already ranking among the top 100 of the breed for TPI. He is from an 87 point O Man daughter and then an 87 point full sister to former active lineup bull 014HO03913 Harry. LEHMAN will improve production and is a calving ease sire.

014HO06196 PISTOL is a Boliver out of an 86 point Toystory. He is close behind LEHMAN for TPI at +2002. PISTOL is above two points for type and udder composite while being a calving ease sire. He has great ratings for longevity and reproduction.

014HO06173 VERNALis the highest PACE graduate based on Net Merit. At +574 NM$, he is among the best in our lineup. His sire stack of Armstead, Wizard and Dutch Boy is as unique as his ability to sire high milk production (+1221 milk) while still siring great reproduction (+3.0 DPR). He is also a calving ease sire and is over +2000 TPI.

Another high TPI sire, combining type, production and great reproduction, is 014HO06080 BUILDING. A Billion son, he is over +1000 PTAM, +56 Fat, +2.15 Type and +1.2 DPR. He is definitely a sire that can improve a variety of traits all at once.

Looking for type? 014HO06133 DENALI can deliver. He is +2.53 type, nearly +2.00 udders and +2.42 FLC. He is a full brother to popular proven sire 014HO06132 Digger, but sires more strength and frames than his brother. DENALI is backed by three generations of high scoring, Excellent cows.

014HO06120 COPPERcan provide production. He is a Socrates out of a Finley dam. He is rated at +1633 milk, +56 fat and +42 protein. He is a calving ease sire and a has a great somatic cell score at 2.69.

014HO06056 RAMBLE, provides a unique pedigree and much more. He is a Ramos out of a Lookout and has plenty of bells and whistles in his proof. He is a great source of components (+.15% fat, +.04% protein), longevity (+3.8 PL), reproduction (+1.1 DPR) and transmits outstanding feet and legs (+1.56 FLC).

Finally, two Pronto sons from Durham dams round out our new releases. Both hail from well known and proven cow families. 014HO06158 ATOMIC comes from the same family as former active lineup sire 014HO04026 Airraid. ATOMIC is a great foot and leg bull, (+2.52 FLC), that has great health traits and is a calving ease sire. 014HO06177 ACTION comes from the same family that gave us 014HO03751 Air-Time and current GeneFORCE® sire 014HO06809 Airlift. ACTION brings production (+1147 milk), calving ease and great health traits.

In the Red and White breed, 014HO07175 DUCATI-RED is the highest available Red and White sire for TPI and descends from an exceptional type family that is very well-known.

New in the Brown Swiss breed is 014BS00370 FAUST . This udder specialist brings to the table what many Brown Swiss breeders desire, fancy udders and silky, dairy cows. FAUST is a Camelot out of an Excellent Jetway and is backed by the 94 point Jade that is a well known Expo show cow. FAUST sires breed-leading udders (+1.79), high type and great components.

In Jerseys, 014JE00544 DAZZLE brings great production and more. He is a Dale son out of a Rescue and is rated at +1774 milk and +51 protein. At +163 JPI, he ranks among the top 30 active sires of the breed.

New on the GeneFORCE list include Holsteins: 014HO07090 Solo (Robust x Planet), 014HO07151 Joe (Shamrock x Man-O-Man), 014HO07184 Triton (Peoti x Super), and 014HO07042 Galvin-P (Savage*RC x Lawn Boy-P-Red*BR). In Jerseys 014JE00595 Patriot (Abbott x Impuls) and 014JE00602 Florino (Merchant x Rebel) were added.


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