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Accelerated Genetics Releases New Sire King Abel
June 15, 2016

Baraboo, Wis. (June 15, 2016) – Accelerated Genetics is excited to announce the release of 014HO07816 Leaninghouse KING ABEL-ET. This high type Kingboy son hits the ground running with over +1800 pounds of Milk and over +130 combined Fat and Protein. Coming in at +2706 for GTPI he ranks amongst the best in the industry. In addition he is +5.0 Productive Life and +2.92 on Type.
“KING ABEL is a great all-around sire. Being high GTPI, high type, great production and great health; he is a bull that checks all the boxes,” says Ryan Weigel, Accelerated Genetics’ Vice President of Dairy Sire Procurement. He continues, “KING ABEL daughters will stand out in your herd and leave a lasting impression on your breeding program.”

KING ABEL is out of a Supersire that goes back to Freurehaven Labeller-ET EX-90. Labelle made 34,740 pounds of milk with 1496 pounds of fat and 1076 pounds of protein in 305 days in her first lactation. The next dam is Freurehaven Shottle Lautella that made 45,200 pounds of milk at 3 years old with a 3.9 percent fat and a 3.0 percent protein test.

Add this crown jewel to your breeding program for first-class TPI combined with supreme Type! Allow KING ABEL to impact your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing or going to


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