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Accelerated Genetics has 17 bulls in the Top 100 TPI® Bull List from Holstein USA
April 17, 2013

The April Dairy Sire Summary was full of thrilling results for Accelerated Genetics’ outstanding lineup of proven sires. Leading the way are 014HO06429 MAN-O-MAN 2, 014HO05936 DOM, 014HO06033 MASSIVE, 014HO05639 CM, 014HO06107 KIEFFER, 014HO06098 WHITELIGHTENING, 014HO05434 TRUMP, 014HO06018 HAZELNUT, 014HO06047 FAVRE, 014HO06170 LEHMAN, and 014HO04924 KRAMER.

Accelerated Genetics has 17 bulls in the Top 100 TPI® Bull List from Holstein USA. Check out the sires below and learn why people are talking about them.

014HO05434 TRUMP(Shottle x BW Marshall)

• Highly Reliable (98%)

• Great Production (+1819 Milk, +59 Fat)

• High TPI Sire (+2040 TPI)

• Great cow family

• Tremendous Udder Linears


014HO05980 MERLIN(Zenith x O Man)

• Extremely low Somatic Cell Score (2.50)

• Long lasting cattle (+5.4 PL)

• Efficient reproduction (+2.4 DPR)

• Moderate Frames with great feet, legs and udders

• Impressive TPI (+2033)


014HO06018 HAZELNUT(Boliver x Shottle)

• Tremendous components (+.21% fat, +.08% protein)

• High TPI Sire (+2014)

• Great Health Traits

• Outstanding Net Merit (+526 NM$)

• Super Udders with Sound Feet and Legs


014HO06054 RAE(Pronto x Durham*CV)

– High milk sire (+1068 Milk)

– Great type (+2.21 PTAT)

– Outstanding longevity (+3.8 PL)

– Super feet and legs (+2.27 FLC)

– Nice udders (+1.51 UDC)


014HO06107 KIEFFER(Colby x Formation Bret)

• Low Somatic Cell Score (2.53)

• Super udders (+1.55 UDC)

• High TPI (+2049)

• Outcross pedigree (Colby X Formation Bret)

• Positive components (+.04% Fat, +.01% Protein)


These are just a few of the unique and exciting sires that Accelerated Genetics can supply to your herd’s genetics. Accelerated Genetics offers genetics that range from high Net Merit, outcross pedigree’s and top protein breed bulls as well as an exciting group of GeneFORCE® sires. For more information about Accelerated Genetics’ sires contact your local sales representative, call 1-800-451-9275 or go to:



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