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Accelerated Genetics – Ducati-Red #1 GTPI® Red & White Sire Available in the World!
March 22, 2013

Accelerated Genetics is extremely excited to announce the release of 014HO07175 Woodlawn DUCATI-RED as a GeneFORCE® sire. He is a super star with +2238 GTPI®, making him the #1 GTPI Red & White sire available in the world!

DUCATI-RED hails from the well-known New England cow family – Woodlawn Juror Daisy. In fact, the Juror Daisy family dominates the herd at Woodlawn Farm in Vermont. Last spring they held a sale, which was primarily composed of family members of Juror Daisy, including the dam of DUCATI-RED.

DUCATI-RED is a Colt-P son from a Shottle dam. The Shottle just recently scored Very Good at 85 points as a first lactation cow. The next dam is an 89-point September Storm and then the 93-point Juror Daisy.

DUCATI-RED’s genomic profile shows what the family does. Dave Erf, dairy sire analyst shares his evaluation of the bull, “He [DUCATI-RED] improves production and components, is an excellent source of health traits, and has an outstanding linear profile with especially great udders and feet and legs. Further, the bull himself is quite an impressive individual. He is well grown, stylish, and no doubt will pass these traits on to his offspring.”

Outstanding genomics and linear profile makes DUCATI-RED special. The addition of a deep-well known cow family help to push him over the top as one of those “must use” sires for not only Red and White breeders, but also for those who just desire to breed outstanding cattle.

For more information about DUCATI-RED contact your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, call 1-800-451-9275 or go to:

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