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Accelerated Genetics Adds Top GTPI Sire Helix
June 1, 2016

Accelerated Genetics is excited to announce the release of 014HO07770 AOT Silver HELIX-ET. HELIX is the #1 Silver son at +2737 GTPI and the #8 active bull in the breed.

He comes in with extreme production traits, having +1936 pounds of milk with +112 pounds of fat, and +70 pounds of protein. To compliment this, HELIX is +4.9 for Productive Life and over +2.25 for PTAT. Furthermore, he is in the front of the pack for the Dairy Wellness Profit index at +1112.

“HELIX is the bull of the future. With +112 lbs of fat and +70 lbs of protein it’s hard to beat!” Says Accelerated Genetics Sire Analyst Jess Peter. She goes on to say “He’s really one of a kind. To have such great production traits and health traits is rare. Producers are breeding for healthier cows that are more profitable and we have the bull to do just that with HELIX.”

HELIX comes from a deep maternal line that transmits like none other. His dam, Cookiecutter Ssire Has-ET, is the #14 cow in the breed at +2593 GTPI and is scored VG-87 with an excellent mammary score. Has is proving to be a great brood cow being the mother to seven daughters over +2600 GTPI by four different sires, and eleven sons over +2600. After that, is Cookie Cutter Mom Halo-ET, a VG-88 Man-O-Man who made over 35,000 pounds of milk as a two year old with a 5.2% fat and 3.5% protein test. Then its Cookiecutter Gld Holler-ET, a VG-88 Goldwyn daughter that also has proved herself in the bulk tank making well over 40,000 pounds of milk as a two year old.

Click HERE for proof.

Look to this highly anticipated, breed leader to deliver high GTPI, top-notch Wellness, Milk, Fat, Protein, Net Merit, and Type in one package! Allow HELIX to impact your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing or going HERE.



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