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ABS Global, Inc. Builds New Bull Housing Facilities in Canada
March 11, 2013

ABS Global, Inc. has updated its Canadian facilities to maximize product supply stability for its global customers.

“We look forward to using the updated Canadian facilities to continue providing our customers unparalleled product,” said Daniel Hodgkin, production manager for ABS Canada.  “The new facilities will allow an improved environment for bulls and employees while providing another avenue for global customers to access the ABS product line.”

Bulls were previously housed in leased rearing and quarantine facilities not originally meant for housing bulls.  The new facilities will provide improved safety and flexibility while handling bulls.

In 2012, the ABS Canada facility produced more than 2.5 million units of semen from 214 bulls, offering ABS Global another option for semen collection. The new main barn can house between 120-140 bulls and is 35,000 square feet with a separate 1,360 square foot quarantine facility


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