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A Unique Pedigreed Heifer to the NY Convention ET Sale from Eildon Tweed Farms
January 7, 2016

Eildon Tweed Farm of Amsterdam, NY is sending a +2595GTPI Belair, ready to IVF, to the New York Convention ET Sale on January 14th at 5pm at the Radisson Convention Center in Utica, NY.

Eildon Tweed Farm, LLC
David Wood
1253 Eastern Ave
Amsterdam, NY 12010

Lot 9…Eildon Tweed Bel Sudan 1-ET…DOB 4/4/2015
+2595GTPI +776NM$ +5.8PL


Jook Sudan 6198-ET VG86, dam of Lot 9

Selling, ready to IVF, is Eildon Tweed Bel Sudan 1-ET, a unique cross, a Belair out of a VG86 Sudan. The third dam is a GP83 Freddie, followed by a VG88 Armstead, a EX94-3E DOM Ramos, followed by two more generations of VG dams.
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