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2016 Inter-County 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Competition
August 10, 2016

The sun was shining and the barns were hot, but that didn’t stop 85 junior and senior 4-H members from across the province from participating in the 27th Annual Inter-County Judging Competition on July 28 at the Ilderton Fairgrounds in Ilderton, Ontario.

Participants began the day by writing a quiz based on material from the “You Be The Judge” manual, which all young judges use to hone their skills. After completing the 50-point quiz, the 4-Her’s headed to the barns to evaluate three classes of Holsteins, three classes of Jerseys, and one class each of Guernseys, Ayrshires and Brown Swiss cattle.

After a filling lunch, participants reconvened to give their reasons for placings to the official judges of the day: Brian Carscadden, Ken Empey, Courtney O’Neill, Kerry Fraser, Art Groenewegen, Mike West, Steve Fraser, Curtis McNeil and Murray Reissner. Senior members gave reasons on six of the classes they judged in the morning while juniors gave reasons on three. The official judges gave the official placings for each class and cuts to finish off the afternoon.

To commence the banquet portion of the day, Chairman Murray Reissner thanked the sponsors and volunteers for another successful competition. Territory Sales Manager Allan Wiens of John Deere, the event’s premier sponsor, congratulated all participants and wished the winning team well in Madison while Andy McTaggart brought greetings from 4-H Ontario. 4-H Ambassador, Elaine Jeffs, led the group in grace and everyone enjoyed a downhome roast beef dinner while eagerly awaiting the results of the competition. Ava Doner, summer student at the Ontario Holstein Branch and High Individual of the competition in 2015, made a moving presentation to thank Bert Stewart for his ongoing efforts in making the competition what it is today. Flowers were presented on behalf of Tessa Dwyre, who was a member of the Ontario Dairy Judging Team Bert coached in 2001.

The following winners will represent Ontario at the World Dairy Expo where they will compete in the National 4-H Dairy Cattle Judging Contest: Brett Stockdale of Durham East, Laura DeKlein of Middlesex, Josh Karn of Oxford and Collin Allardyce of Brant. They were among the top winners of the day and will travel to Madison for 10 days in October.

Derek Van De Walle of Perth was the big winner in the Senior Category. He was named High Individual overall and placed first in High Reasons, High Jerseys and High Senior Quiz. In addition, Derek was Runner-up for High Other Breeds and High Team along with teammate Joel Hartman and coach, Judy Hall.

Josh Karn and Lars Zeldenrijk of Oxford took the High Senior Team award with coach Dean Karn. Josh also won High Placings and High Other Breeds and was Runner-up for High Individual and High Reasons.

The Junior Division saw many well-rounded participants this year. Abbie Barnes of Lambton won High Individual and Runner-Up was Lexi Johnston of Perth. This year’s High Team in the Junior Division was Emily Danen and Lexi Johnston of Perth, coached by Rick Knill. Runners-up were Cody Armstrong and Ben Sargent of Peterborough County, coached by Randy Bullock.

Without the dedication and support of the Ontario Holstein Branch and premier sponsor John Deere as well as the many other sponsors, committee members and volunteers, the Inter-County Cattle Judging Competition would not be possible each year. A special thanks to the Ilderton Fairgrounds for their contributions and to all those that provided cattle for the day.

Congratulations to all 2016 winners listed below!


High Team and Coach – Sponsored by Select Sires Genervations
 – Josh Karn and Lars Zeldenrijk, coached by Dean Karn (Oxford)

Runner-Up High Team and Coach – Sponsored by C.I.B.C.
 – Derek Van De Walle and Joel Hartman, coached by Judy Hall (Perth)

High Individual – Sponsored by Bert Stewart
 – Derek Van De Walle (Perth)
Runner-Up High Individual – In Memory of Bill Dobbin  – Josh Karn (Oxford)

High Placing – Sponsored by Clarence Diefenbacher – Josh Karn (Oxford)

Runner-Up High Placing – Sponsored by Fradon Holsteins – Collin Allardyce (Brant)

High Reasons – Sponsored in memory of Joe Snyder – Derek Van De Walle (Perth)
Runner-Up High Reasons – Sponsored by Grand Valley Fortifiers – Josh Karn (Oxford)

High Holsteins – Sponsored by Lowell Lindsay  – Jenna Elliott (Lambton)
Runner-Up High Holsteins – Sponsored by Riverdown Holstein – Brent Sikma (Durham East)

High Jersey – Sponsored by Joel Bagg
 –  Derek Van De Walle (Perth)
Runner-Up High Jersey – Sponsored by Bell City Jerseys – Lars Zeldenrijk (Oxford)

High Other Breeds – Sponsored by Terry Beckett – Josh Karn (Oxford)
Runner-Up High Other Breeds – Sponsored by Murray Reissner – Derek Van De Walle (Perth)

High Quiz – Sponsored by Paul Larmer
 – Derek Van De Walle (Perth)
Runner-Up High Quiz – Sponsored in memory of Bill Edelstein
 – Mikayla Ringelberg (Wentworth)

Rookie Award – Sponsored by Ken Empey  – Kurtis Holmes (Durham East)


High Team and Coach – Sponsored by TD
 – Emily Danen and Lexi Johnston, coached by Rick Knill (Perth)

Runner-Up High Team and Coach – Sponsored by Scotiabank
 – Cody Armstrong and Ben Sargent, coached by Randy Bullock (Peterborough)

High Individual – Sponsored by Phyllis MacMaster
 – Abbie Barnes (Lambton)
Runner-Up High Individual – Sponsored by Geoff Innes – Lexi Johnston (Perth)

High Placing – Sponsored by Jason French
 – Lily Bullock (Peterborough)
Runner-Up High Placing – Sponsored by Glennholme Holsteins – Abbie Barnes (Lambton)

High Reasons – Sponsored by Steven Fraser
 – Alex McKay (Oxford)
Runner-Up High Reasons – Sponsored by Earl Osborne – Cody Armstrong (Peterborough)

High Holsteins – Sponsored by Crovalley Holsteins – Lexi Johnston (Perth)
Runner-Up High Holsteins – Sponsored by Doug Reaney & Family – Jack Melia (Wentworth)

High Jerseys – Sponsored by R.J. Farms
 – Alex McKay (Oxford)
Runner-Up High Jersey – Sponsored by Maple Leaf Jerseys – Abbie Barnes (Lambton)

High Other Breeds – Sponsored by Jordan Eastman –  Cody Armstrong (Peterborough)
Runner-Up High Other Breeds – Sponsored by Canadian Guernsey Association – Lily Bullock (Peterborough)

High Quiz – Sponsored by Altona Lea Farms
 – Chloe Grabell (Niagara South)
Runner-Up High Quiz – Sponsored by Quinndale Holsteins – Emily Danen (Perth)

Rookie Award – Sponsored by Ken Empey • Lexi Johnston (Perth)


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