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200 Cows Killed in Richelieu Valley Dairy Barn Fire
June 10, 2015

More than 200 cows died when a fire destroyed a dairy barn in the Richelieu Valley.
The fire began around 10 p.m. Monday on Route 4 in St. Denis sur Richelieu.
The owner of the farm told firefighters that the barn had recently been renovated and he received an automated cell phone alert when smoke detectors went off.  He call firefighters immediately but by the time they arrived the barn was engulfed in flames and the heat was so intense they could not enter the building.

More than 200 cows were burned to death; only a handful managed to escape and survive the fire.

Firefighters from several municipalities were called on to help suppress the fire and prevent it from spreading, but there were not able to do much to contain the damage. It took six hours to bring the flames under control.

Losses are estimated at more than $1,000,000.   Nobody was hurt and the cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

Source – CTV Montreal


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